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Onyx Capital Investments, LLC (OCI) provides investment opportunities for qualified investors in the commercial real estate market, specifically in the multi-family arena. We do extensive research to find the best emerging market in specific states, build a team of professional brokers and lenders, then find off market, value-add assets. OCI then negotiates and purchases these top quality assets that are projected to generate both current income and equity growth, ultimately experiencing significant capital gain when sold.


Why Multifamily?

There are many benefits, including tax breaks, loan opportunities, easier property management, and multifamily properties hold their value. These are just a few benefits that make multifamily a great investment choice.

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC is a Wyoming limited liability company seeking funds from private Investors to pool for acquisition of multiple multifamily/commercial properties in emerging markets throughout the United States, but primarily in NC and the Southeastern U.S.

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