Buying 3500 multifamily units w/ Chris Grenzig

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Chris started his real estate investing journey in Jan of 2016 by trying to flip houses on Long Island NY, but ultimately failed to flip a single house despite spending tens of thousands of dollars and several months trying. Chris and his team tried pivoting to purchasing tax deed properties in Philadelphia, but quickly realized it wasn’t for them. From there Chris started to learn about multifamily and started by investing passively in an 8-unit property, then Joint Venturing on another 100 units worth over $4.5 mil. From there Chris quit his full-time job in finance and joined the Toro team full time in Aug 2016.

Chris focuses on managing, sourcing, evaluating, and acquiring new assets for Toro’s Multifamily Portfolio and is the primary person running the Florida region of Toro’s portfolio. Toro has acquired over 3500 units worth over $220 mil.

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Start investing in multifamily to create real wealth!

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About OCI

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC is a Wyoming limited liability company seeking funds from private Investors to pool for acquisition of multiple multifamily/commercial properties in emerging markets throughout the United States, but primarily in NC and the Southeastern U.S.

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