eXp agent Garth Schultheis finding success with Multifamily

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Started in 1992. Owned and sold 42, 50, 98 and 50 units between 92 and 97. (Biggest mistake was selling and not reinvesting) got into sales in 97 with the intention of always getting back in. Got sucked into developments, got burned big time in 08. Moved back into MF in 2014. Now have 16, 42 and 145 units. NOT selling, Holding, actively looking to acquire more deals.

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Start investing in multifamily to create real wealth!

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About OCI

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC is a Wyoming limited liability company seeking funds from private Investors to pool for acquisition of multiple multifamily/commercial properties in emerging markets throughout the United States, but primarily in NC and the Southeastern U.S.

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