From medical sales to syndicating multimillion dollar deals with Mike Vann

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Mike has been investing in real estate for almost 20 years throughout Arkansas and Missouri and has built a $6M+ personal portfolio across multiple asset classes, consisting of Single Family, Small Multifamily, and Apartments & Commercial properties. Growing up in the family construction business has given him extensive experience in both doing the work and in project management. In addition to many flips and rehabs on smaller SF and MF projects, he managed a reposition of the apartment complex with a $7k per door CapEx renovation which was completed in 2018. Mike shifted his focus from solo investing to apartment syndication in 2017 and has since been involved as a General Partner in acquiring almost 1000 units in Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas with a total purchase volume in excess of $50M and CapEx budgets totaling approximately $5.5M.

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About OCI

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC is a Wyoming limited liability company seeking funds from private Investors to pool for acquisition of multiple multifamily/commercial properties in emerging markets throughout the United States, but primarily in NC and the Southeastern U.S.

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