Investor Information

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC’s (OCI’s) investors are pre-qualified on the basis of previous investment experience and must qualify as an Accredited or Sophisticated Investor, as defined by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investor Structure

Onyx Capital Investments, LLC (OCI)  serves as the Manager of limited liability companies (LLCs) formed to acquire one or more specified properties.


OCI offers qualified investors an opportunity to diversify a portion of their assets into managed real estate investments as part of a group investment. This investment strategy has historically demonstrated attractive returns over time and offers additional benefits such as capital preservation, quarterly preferred cash distributions to investors, and capital appreciation over the life of the investment.


Investments will typically be financed with 70% – 80% loans, with the remainder of the capital being provided by Investor capital. Investors become Members of a specific LLC that has been formed to acquire one or more properties. All OCI LLCs will engage in the business of acquiring, improving, operating and disposing of multifamily real estate assets.


Each acquisition will be acquired by a single purpose LLC. This structure enables us to protect individual assets. OCI will act as the Manager of each LLC.


Onyx Capital Investments, LLC’s (OCI’s) investors are pre-qualified on the basis of previous investment experience and must qualify as an Accredited or Sophisticated Investor, as defined by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
Sources of investor funds may be derived from savings, individual retirement accounts (IRAs or 401Ks) and conversion of securities. OCI may periodically offer opportunities that can qualify for 1031 exchanges, such as Tenant In Common ownership or Delaware Statutory Trusts.


The information you supply below will be kept strictly confidential and is only for the purpose of providing you information about possible investment opportunities, if you qualify financially to review such information.

This is not an offer of securities. The actual investment offering will be made only through a Private Placement Memorandum.

After you complete this questionnaire, we will contact you. Before we discuss specific investment opportunities, we want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us.

Thanks for your interest in Onyx Capital Investments, LLC.



OCI pays investors a preferred rate of return, usually in the range of 8%-9%, depending on the property. The investors are paid first from cash flow generated from operations of the property; then the Manager (OCI and its associates) are paid. We evaluate cash flow for distribution quarterly.


When an asset is sold, usually in 3-5 years, the investors get paid back their capital contributions first as are turn of capital. After all books are reconciled; any gains are split between the Investors and the Manager, as described in the LLC Operating Agreement. The target annualized return for our properties are typically between 18%-24% annualized.

Investor Relations


We will hold regular conference/webinar calls to update investors of the property status. We hold a monthly Investor call for the first 4 months after we close on a property and quarterly web/Teleconference calls each quarter after that. We send out executive summaries and the financial reports every two months. We are very approachable by our investors.


Members will receive annual reports, including a K-1, that contains all information necessary for the Members to complete their individual tax returns.

Wealth Compounding

The Emerging real estate market investing strategy is based on monitoring market cycles. The objective is to ensure that accrued equity is optimized by selling each property at the optimum time, and putting the equity realized on sale to work in the next emerging market. Investing in commercial real estate, coupled with rotating appreciation every 3-5 years into properties in new, emerging markets is a proven strategy for compounding wealth.

Inexperienced investors often miss the selling window by leaving capital to stagnate in softening markets. Allowing an investment to persist in an area suffering from rising unemployment and oversupply can be costly for investors.

Many investors prefer the opportunities and advantages that come from participating in large, professionally managed properties versus individual ownership of smaller properties. Our experience in multifamily investment can help insulate investors from the pitfalls of managing tenants on their own.

Onyx Capital Investments seeks to optimize investment returns. Our returning investors can attest to the fact that our system works.