Scaling to a $500 million portfolio through partnerships With Rohun Jauhar”

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Rohun Jauhar is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of JT Capital, managing a Real Estate portfolio of $500 Million. He has 10 years of experience in Investing, Real Estate, Finance, and Operations.
Prior to JT Capital, he led Jauhar Consulting where he advised Hedge Funds and Investment Banks on the future of the Tech industry. He also worked with Tech companies in setting up their operational, financial, and remote work processes.
Early in his career he worked in Strategy & Finance at Facebook and as a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley. Outside of Real Estate, he continues to be an advisor to Hedge funds, Tech companies, and high-growth startups.
You can get in touch with Rohun through any of the following ways:
• Website:
• Email:
• Twitter: @RohunJauhar
To learn more about what I am doing and how you can partner with my group on future deals check us out at:
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